Video Recording, Editing, and Production

Illustration of clapperboard, camera, and video playerVideo is an incredible and versatile tool, and great video can inspire, teach, and dazzle like no other medium can, and the Brenton Center's video staff excels at recording, editing, and producing professional video content.

Our team will walk you through the entire process: consult, evaluate and recommend strategies, provide cost estimates, create scripts/outlines for intended work,  initiate pre-production, production and post-production processes.

The Brenton Center video team has produced high-quality content for marketing, classroom use, and outreach. Contact us to talk about your video needs.

Here is some of what our video communications staff can provide:

  • Assist professors, faculty and staff in video production.
  • Capture, edit, and host  videos for classroom and public use.
  • Capture video on location, in studio, and in the classroom.
  • Produce professional end products such as Blu-rays and web presentations.

For more information about our video communications services, contact:

Daniel Ossian
Senior Video Communication Specialist
(515) 294-0713