Student Services

Illustration of different elements of student servicesWhen students need help with enrollment, registration, technical support, or just information about a course, the Brenton Center is your resource. 

With our student services, faculty can put more focus on the course and curriculum. Meanwhile, our dedicated student services specialist will work with current and future students to guide them through all student services related questions. 

Great student services support is vital to student success, and it means more student registrations, fewer technical hurdles, and a better overall course experience for students and faculty alike.

Here is some of what our student services staff can provide:

  • Student registration assistance
  • Online registration and application help
  • Textbook & syllabus information
  • Log-in assistance to AccessPlus & BlackBoard
  • Student welcome letter (sent prior to term)
  • Last day to drop e-mail reminder
  • Technical support to all enrolled students
  • Instructor support - technical & student services

For more information about our student services, contact:

Michelle Zander
Student Services Coordinator
(515) 294-7656