Classroom Scheduling and Lecture Capture

Illustration of a person giving a lecture to a classroomYou’ve got your lessons ready, but now you need to record them for your online students and need the technology to do it.

With our state-of-the-art classrooms located in Curtiss Hall, we’re ready to record the video and audio from your classes in high definition, and able to completely prepare them for online delivery.

Not only that, our facilities are perfect for video conferencing, student defenses, webinars, and live streaming. When you need classroom technology, contact us first.

Here is some of what our classroom technology staff can provide:

  • Video lecture capture and/or live streaming for online delivery.
  • Facilitate video conferencing, student defenses, webinars, and more.
  • Classrooms ready to easily plug in and display slides, videos, and more from a computer.
  • Video capture that can be easily packaged for use by our Online Course Design staff.

Click here for detailed information about our available classrooms and technology.

Any inquiries about classroom scheduling and lecture capture services should be directed to:

Rod Fischer
Program Coordinator
(515) 294-7656