Marketing and Graphic Design

Illustration of a monitor surrounded by various elements of graphic designFor programs to thrive, your audience needs to know about them! The Brenton center offers marketing services that use e-mail, web, and print marketing to spread the word about the courses and programs we service. Our marketing techniques are also useful for summer seminars, lectures, and events of all kinds.

Maybe already have flyers, brochures, or email blasts that you use to get the word out, but they just need to look a little more polished or visually appealing. Our staff is also available to provide original graphic design work for print materials, email messages, websites, and more. Let us spread the word about your department, course, or project.

Here is some of what our marketing and graphic design staff can provide:

  • Develop visual marketing for web or print, including email marketing, with knowledge of ISU guidelines.
  • Write, re-write, or edit content for marketing materials to appeal to your audience.
  • Manage Google AdWords, Google Analytics Facebook Ads, and Facebook pages for comprehensive marketing and reporting.

For more information about our marketing and graphic design services, contact:

Josh Tenney
Marketing Coordinator
(515) 294-2138