Online Distance Course Delivery Policy

Updated 07/26/2019

College of Agriculture & Life Sciences (CALS) online distance course delivery fees are determined by the Director of the Brenton Center with approval from the Associate Dean Academic & Global Programs.  Online distance course delivery fees are based on recovering costs for labor to develop and maintain courses, support provided to faculty teaching online distance courses, support provided to students taking online distance courses, and technology costs to capture, edit, and deliver online distance courses. The Brenton Center provides alternative delivery methods when needed by students.

CALS departments may also recover direct costs associated with creating and teaching online distance courses.  Departments must submit their proposed delivery fee along with the necessary documentation explaining the need and use of the proposed fees to be collected to the Associate Dean Academic and Global Programs and the Director of Brenton Center and CALS Online Education.  Delivery fees are reviewed and adjusted in January.  Department Chairs must review and reapprove delivery fees each January before the college reapproves.

Assessment, collection, and distribution of delivery fees are the responsibility of the Brenton Center.  Departmental delivery fees and CALS delivery fees are combined to form a single delivery fees.  Delivery fees are reviewed annually in January and any changes submitted must be approved by the Department and the College, typically during the first few weeks of January.  Delivery fees are collected during the semester as students pay their semester university bill.  Delivery fees are deposited into the appropriate Brenton Center holding account for each department that has implemented a delivery fee or the college holding account.  Delivery fees are transferred to departmental Brenton Center working accounts in January and July.

Costs that may be recovered via delivery fees include:

  • Technology (hardware & software) needed to develop, capture, edit, store, or deliver online distance courses.
  • Facility costs (such as audio/video wiring for cameras and microphones, control room rack equipment and wiring, classroom equipment and wiring, and labor to install such) associated with online distance courses.
  • Labor development costs of online distance courses.
  • Delivery costs associated with online distance course delivery.
  • Support costs to faculty and students for online distance courses.
  • Personnel costs of online distance support staff (such as staff of the Brenton Center) directly involved with support functions for students and faculty teaching, development, capture, editing, and delivering online distance courses (Not Faculty or those teaching the courses).

Delivery Fees

All College of Agriculture and Life Science Online Courses are subject to a $250 delivery fee.

Exceptions are:

  • Agronomy Master’s Program and Certificate currently have their fee set at $250 per course
  • Seed Technology and Business Master’s Program and Certificates have their fee set at $150 per credit
  • GPIDEA Certificate Courses do not have delivery fees

College Departments may assess a departmental delivery fee.

The following departments have a $50 fee in addition to the college fee. 

  • Agricultural Education Master’s courses and all other 500 level graduate courses
  • Food Science & Human Nutrition select individual undergraduate courses
  • Microbiology select individual undergraduate courses
  • Occupational Safety Certificate courses and select TSM individual undergraduate courses

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