Online Course, Certificate, & Program Initiative Grants

The purpose of the Brenton Center grant program is to expand and strengthen College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS) Online Learning offerings and to support faculty in their efforts to ensure student success in online courses, certificates, and programs that help build nationally and internationally recognized online learning programs offered by College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. Funds and labor provided will allow college departments to move existing face to face degree programs online, develop new certificate programs, and convert or develop additional key courses for online delivery.

The overall objective is to increase student credit hours delivered in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Online Learning offerings.  Additional objectives are to improve content quality, improve accessibility, increase the number and variety of courses available, increase the shelf life of offerings, and extend courses beyond Iowa.

Brenton Center - Quality & Accessibility Mini-Grant

The Quality & Accessibility Mini-Grant is designed to assist faculty currently teaching CALS Online Learning courses to improve the quality and accessibility of their course.  Brenton Center Instructional Design staff will provide up to 10 hours of Universal Design time to review and implement enhanced quality and accessibility changes to existing online undergraduate, graduate, or certificate courses.  Read more about the Quality & Accessibility Mini-Grant.

Brenton Center – Course Start-Up Grant

The Course Start-up Grant is designed to assist faculty in the creation of a new online courses.  Brenton Center Instructional Design staff will provide up to 30 hours of Universal Design time on course development, layout, and teaching activities.  Departments will be expected to teach the course a minimum of three times to satisfy the grant.  Departments will receive $500/course credit each time the course is taught until it has been taught three times.  These funds are intended for further enhancement of the course.  Read more about the Course Start-Up Grant.

Brenton Center - Certificate & Program Initiative Grant

The Certificate & Program Initiative Grant is designed to assist departments in the creation a new online certificate or program or the conversion of an existing face-to-face certificate or program into an online certificate or program.  The Brenton Center will provide up to $25,000 one-time funding for projects of this nature.  Read more about the Certificate & Program Initiative Grant.


Departments will be required to match $1 for every $2 awarded.  Distance education tuition funds from the department may be used as part of their re-investment in online learning.  Departments selected for this grant will be required to work directly with the Brenton Center Instructional Development staff during the total project.  Brenton Center funding may be labor rather than actual dollars.  The department will allow the Brenton Center to activate and collect a college delivery fee on all courses required for the certificate or program during the lifetime of the certificate or program.